La Cigale, Art Nouveau brasserie and a true institution in Nantes

January 16, 2018

La Cigale is one of the most iconic restaurants in Nantes. Even if you’re only passing through town, it is a place worth stopping by for a few minutes. While the menu is certainly enticing and the service is always friendly, it is above all the décor that has made the place so renowned. Even after many years in Nantes, every time I visit La Cigale, I am enchanted by its the beauty.

Discovering Toulouse’s street art

January 15, 2018

When it comes to street art, Toulouse is one of the pioneering cities in France. Graffiti, vandal tags, monumental works: they colour walls and neighbourhoods, and nowadays are becoming a tourist attraction.

Venice is also a port

December 19, 2017

The quintessential city on the water, world-renowned for this distinctive feature, became such because for centuries this very water enabled a prosperous maritime trade with the Middle and Far East…

What’s new for Christmas 2017 in Verona

December 12, 2017

As well as the main squares in the centre, this year the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Verona is also waiting to be discovered elsewhere in the city, such as along the Lungadige San Giorgio and in the Piazza San Zeno.

Brands in Bordeaux

November 22, 2017

Local products aren’t just limited to craft products; in Bordeaux and Aquitaine you can find brands which are very successful and are now exported all over the place.