Where to eat a good tarte flambée in Strasbourg?

Its Alsation name is flammekueche. In French (and in English!), it’s called tarte flambée, in reference to flames! Cooked over flames…

This dish was created in bread-making ovens. Leftover bread dough was spread out and covered with curdled milk, bacon and onions. Each tart was then cut up, rolled up and eaten… without any cutlery!

Flammekueche, the other name for tarte flambée

The popularity of flammekueche grew in the 1960s. It was seen as a rival to pizzas! The best restaurants sprang up outside towns and cities. Wherever you go in Alsace, there’s always one to try. Kochersberg, outside of Strasbourg, has restaurants which only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Today, even if restaurants outside the city are still the best, you can enjoy a tarte flambée in the centre of Strasbourg. Any Strasbourg student worth their salt knows about Flam’s in Rue des frères. In Strasbourg, we also recommend Binchstub’s tartes flambées. Close to the Cathedral, you’re sure to love the tartes flambées at Au Bon Vivant.

Leaving Strasbourg, the tradition

Originally, a tarte flambée was plain. Now, you can find them with cheese, with extra ingredients and even with snails. Purists favour the first two types.

Head to a great restaurant with friends or family – you must try a restaurant where they cook their flammekueche in a wood-fired oven. You can leave Strasbourg and visit the surrounding villages near the European capital.

L’Espérance in Handscheim, l’Aigle and le Buresteubel in Pflugriesheim, L’Osthof in Eckerwersheim and le Marronnier in Stutzheim are some of the restaurants we’ve tried out recently.

Our advice? Hurry! Start the meal with a beer, start with an “ordinary” tarte and then mix it up until you reach dessert! You should also know that you can enjoy a tarte flambée as a dessert. With apples and a little Calvados – you’ll love it.

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