Visit the Lokrum and Mljet Islands

The closest island to Dubrovnik, just 700 meters away, is Lokrum, a paradise full of cypresses, pine forest, peacocks and exotic flowers. If you are a nudism aficionado here on this island you may practise it naturally. You are really close to the city, although it is odd, you feel really far away. The landscape is so beautiful it hurts! Go diving in its crystal clear waters and visit the wonderful Mare Muorto lake.

And keep in mind; the legend says that him/her that sleeps on the Lokrum Island never come back. A bit further away, one hour and a half away, there is another island well worth the visit: Mljet, which encompasses a multitude of enigmas. This is the island where Ulysses suffered the spells of the nymph Calypso during seven years as told by the Odyssey. Get inside its mysterious forests and feel how nature vibrates and make you vibrate with it.

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