Venetian sunsets

Sink into a moment of romance in the romantic city par excellence.

Venice has always been known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, a honeymoon destination, a place to be explored, experienced and enjoyed alongside your soulmate, where you can lose yourselves in the intricacy of its most secluded alleys and squares.

Sunset may be the most romantic time of day wherever you are, but in Venice it is a truly unique experience!

However, seeing a stunning sunset in Venice is not easy; the city is surrounded by water, meaning that at certain times the humidity in the air can prevent you from enjoying the spectacle.

A good view is least likely in the summer months, while from September onwards, especially during the cold, clear winter days when the wind sweeps in from the north or north-east, the phenomenon can be admired in all its beauty.

A breathtaking sunset may also be on the horizon after a rainy day in the late summer, when the heavy rain and wind seem to cleanse the sky and air.

But if, after one of these days, you are waiting for the sunset with your camera at the ready, bear in mind that you also need to choose the right place to enjoy the spectacle.

You can choose to watch the sunset with the sun disappearing behind the city skyline or admire the colours and reflections over the lagoon.

If you prefer the former, the best spot is on the bank overlooking the San Marco basin, towards the Arsenal or the Gardens, maybe sitting at one of the bars sipping an aperitif, or from S. Maria Elisabetta on the Lido, where there is a hotel with a bar/restaurant and a beautiful terrace on the lagoon, from which you can enjoy a view of the sun disappearing behind the city.

For more romantic souls, the area between Malamocco and Alberoni on the Lido, which can be reached by bus or by hiring a bicycle, is the ideal location for watching the sun slowly sinking into the horizon while the lagoon reverberates with a spectrum of stunning colours, guaranteed to leave you speechless.

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