A Sunday in Nantes

Sunday is undoubtedly my favourite day. A day to relax, with family…

As for lots of people who live in Nantes, there are two possible day trips on a Sunday morning: we can go to Talensac, with its huge market! I love the boho-bourgeois feel of the picturesque halls of the market. Inside, the best foodie stalls are all there: chocolates by Vincent Guerlais Beillevaire cheeses, seafood which reminds us that Nantes is only an hour from the ocean, along with fruit and vegetables picked in and around Nantes (lamb’s lettuce, radishes, leeks, strawberries, apples …).

If we’re too lazy to go to Talensac in the town centre, we stay in our neighbourhood, where an oyster seller sets up a stall every Sunday. Just by this pop-up stall, our local wine merchant offers us a Muscadet, the ideal wine to accompany Sunday food. We take the opportunity to buy a delicious (when in France!) and some sweet treats for afternoon tea (perfect for a Sunday spent with family).

We like to enjoy a great brunch with friends in a legendary location in Nantes, the former Palace of Justice, which is now a sumptuous luxury hotel. The bar and the restaurant of the building are open to all! We’re always thrilled, both by the enormous brunch and by the incredible décor!

In winter, when the kids have woken up from nap-time, we head for one of the many parks in Nantes. Children run around, playing and laughing whilst we take photos of them! My favourite park is one of the most flower-filled in Nantes; it houses an extraordinary rose garden on the banks of the Erdre. It’s different every Sunday!

In spring, the Machines wake up! My little one only wants to do one thing: visit HIS elephant! We take the opportunity to stroll to the book shop and even as far as Hangar à Bananes where we enjoy an afternoon snack overlooking the Loire, on the terrace… And in the evening, we stay there until sunset!

In summer, we do something completely different: we drive or take the train and spend the day at the seaside! The nearest beaches of the Loire-Atlantic are just 45 minutes away. We take supplies: a picnic, beach toys, a good book and beach towels!

Time goes much too fast on Sundays in Nantes!

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