Toulouse is bursting with small neighborhood theatres!

Have you heard about these little neighborhood theatres in Toulouse that often put on quality shows using troupes of local actors for audiences of local people? Théâtre du Grand Rond, du Pont Neuf, du Pavé, du Fil à Plomb… to name but a few! It’s time to check them out!

Théâtre du Grand-Rond: concerts with drinks, young audiences and local productions

The mission of this small theatre? To offer musical training and shows by emerging regional companies. A double programme has been set up to do that. At 7 pm, ‘pay what you want’ concerts with drinks begin, and then at 9 pm, the spotlight is on the show in the main theatre. A demanding selection committee handles programming by working with a club of passionate audience members with a shared cultural goal. At the Théâtre du Grand Rond, there’s plenty for the young and the not so young. And with the suspended ticket, which you can buy for someone else, or ask for if you’re strapped for cash, there’s something for everyone! There’s laughter, emotion and in a register that’s always intelligent!

Théâtre du Pont Neuf, creation and residence

A venue, companies: these are the foundations of this little theatre. The Théâtre du Pont Neuf (the TPN, to its friends) is in a state of constant effervescence, but is firmly attached to its base, despite the risks. The Saint Cyprien neighborhood theatre is managed by local companies working together for the artistic coordination of the project. This theatre focuses on the residency of artists and original creation. It opens to the public during festivals, for special performances and workshops where you feel rather privileged to be able to take part.

Théâtre du Pavé, contemporary forms and live performance

Next stop, the Saint-Michel neighborhood and the Théâtre du Pavé, a small cultural venue managed by director Francis Azéma. The theatre offers the creations of the resident company, “Les Vagabonds”, shows by regional companies, and intimate jazz concerts. It’s also a good place to have a drink at the bar before the show or to make the most of the tables under the lanterns in summer.

Théâtre du Fil à Plomb: eclecticism and conviviality

Last stop: the Arnaud Bernard neighborhood! Hidden at the back of a courtyard, the Théâtre du Fil à Plomb was given a makeover in 2016. It has been extended to provide a greater feeling of space… It is the shining light of quality popular culture with an eclectic but intense programme of modern comedy, classical theatre, shadow plays and one-man shows. Keeping up with the times!

Carnets pleins feux: the union of small cultural venues

The Théâtre Le Fil à Plomb, the Théâtre du Grand Rond, the Théâtre du Pont Neuf, Théâtre du Pavé and also the Théâtre de la Violette, Le Vent des Signes, Le Hangar, Théâtre du Chien Blanc, the Cave Poésie and the Bijou: ten venues in total, ten outlets for the culture of Toulouse have united around the Carnets Plein Feux season-ticket scheme. This is a book of 5 seat tickets that allow you to see shows in all of these venues at a reduced rate (€40 per book i.e. €8 per seat). The aim is to inform the general public of the abundance and diversity of shows and to promote local theatre and conviviality. A good deal!

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