The top pastry chefs and chocolatiers in Nantes

Nantes is lucky enough to have some incredible pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the city that are an absolute delight and are definitely worth visiting when you get the chance. Whether it is for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or for no particular reason at all, here are a few places that certainly won’t disappoint!

Vincent Guerlais

Guerlais is without a doubt the most renowned chocolatier in Nantes; and for a good reason! Their creations are stunning and the packaging is simply sumptuous. Vincent Guerlais is to Nantes what Ladurée is to Paris. It is the ideal place to visit, and not only for excellent products, but above all to witness how this prestigious brand creates beautiful objects that are a bit hit especially as gifts or on Instagram.

There are four stores in Nantes, two of which are located in the city centre: one branch in the Talensac Market and another in Rue Franklin. The other two are on the outskirts of Nantes, more specifically in the towns of Carquefou and La Chapelle-sur-Erdre.

Castelanne Chocolat

Castelanne was founded in Nantes in 1983. Aided by his team, Monsieur Castelanne works only with grand cru chocolate, which is not too sweet yet has an exceptional taste. The creations are more on the traditional side of things but it is the skill on show that will absolutely delight chocolate connoisseurs. There are also plenty of local specialities to discover.

There are three stores in Nantes, all of which are in the city centre. One, which I have already mentioned, is in Rue Crébillon, one is in the chocolatier on the Ile de Nantes, and one in the Place de la Bourse. My favourite one is definitely the last branch.


Established in Nantes in 1948, Carli is one of the city’s oldest chocolatiers. Its history is intertwined with that of Nantes, a port town that saw goods from all over the world pass through its docks. The concoctions are simple yet fresh and elegant. Its creations, in particular its cakes, are true works of art and each more tempting than the last. Just a glance in the window will have you licking your lips.

Carli has two stores in Nantes. One can be found in the Decré neighbourhood, while the other is in Graslin.


This family-run chocolatier is also among the oldest in Nantes. It is worth visiting Debotté just to gaze upon the store in Rue de la Fosse. Dating from the 19th century, its timber-framed front window is bursting with tasty treats. Moreover, the chocolates are great and the cakes are simply delicious.

Besides the store in Rue de la Fosse, which is a must-visit, Debotté has multiple locations in Nantes that also serve as tea rooms for customers who would like to eat in.

Nantes has plenty more gourmet shops to explore, but a tour of these four is sure to give you something to tickle your taste buds!

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