The region of Murcia: for limitless post-summer holiday plans

Summer is coming to an end, but that’s no reason to be gloomy or stop making exciting travel plans.

At least, not in the region of Murcia, where we love living life to the full and creating unforgettable memories. It’s what we do best! That’s why we’ve got an action-packed September in store for you, full of events and activities to enjoy to the max. You can still explore the two seas of the Costa Cálida: the Mar Menor (or “Lesser Sea”) and the Mediterranean, where you can enjoy a whole range of water sports. Read on and choose your next experience in Murcia: there’s something for everyone.

Summer’s nearly over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do water sports. The Costa Cálida is a year-round paradise for this type of activity. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, go for a dive and be amazed by the richness of the region’s coastal seabed.   Discover the marine reserves of Cabo de Palos and the Islas Hormigas, and of Cabo Tiñoso, where you’ll find unique fauna and flora as well as a large number of historic shipwrecks. Get an adrenaline rush while kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking or paddle boarding… the possibilities are endless! With its warm, calm, shallow waters, the Mar Menor is also the ideal place to unleash your nautical side. What are you waiting for? Come and give your favourite water sports a try. You’ll be in your element in the Costa Cálida.

Staying at home isn’t an option. September sees the start of the fiesta season in the region of Murcia, with a fun-packed time guaranteed. It all kicks off in the city of Murcia. Don’t miss the festival of Moors and Christians (designated an event of National Tourist Interest) and the Feria of Murcia. At these traditional folk festivals, you’ll encounter a large market with stalls selling handicrafts and typical products alongside the many flavours of the region’s cuisine, which are guaranteed to win over any visitor. Immerse yourself in the festivities, take part in traditional processions and stroll around the Huertos del Malecón fairground. Murcia and its festivals will steal your heart.

Another must-see is the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans in the city of Cartagena, also designated an event of National Tourist Interest. It’s practically obligatory to see this in person at least once.  The festival is a celebration commemorating the great historical past of the city of Cartagena. Travel back in time and relive the events of the Second Punic War, which took place over 2200 years ago. From gladiators to battles and parades, there’s more going on here than you can begin to imagine!

Best of all, if you visit the region of Murcia you’ll realise that we’ve barely even begun to scratch the surface. Try it and you’ll see that we’re right! Costa Cálida – Murcia for sheer happiness.

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