The most “Instagrammable” places in Toulouse for a beautiful Christmas picture

It’s here, it’s almost Christmas! Toulouse has once again covered itself with its coat of light. The alleyways, squares, glistening streets… what’s more, a series of locations promising that perfect festive snap… the one to get you a maximum amount of “likes” on Instagram!

1 / Place du Capitole, the Christmas Market

From November 23rd to December 26th, la Place du Capitole transforms itself, ready to host the great Toulouse Christmas Market. We travel through a village of illuminated chalets and a square lit up with beauty: “Nova du Capitole”. We give in to some aligot and a glass of mulled wine. And most importantly, we go to the heart of the market, to take an unforgettable photo, accompanied by a gigantic, light-up Father Christmas. You just have to find the right moment if you want the perfect cliché without the crowd…

2 / Rue Alsace Lorraine, a ceiling full of garlands

The most beautiful view for a Christmas photo in the centre is right at the end of Rue Alsace Lorraine, on the Esquirol side. In December, the shopping street is adorned with the very best: a ceiling of twinkling lights in silver and violet, 800 metres long! We wait until night time, so we can take out our smartphones to capture the magic!

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3 / Square De Gaulle, a merry-go-round shaped like a Christmas tree

From November 27th to January 13th from 10am until 9pm on weekdays and until 11pm at the weekend, the Christmas fairground takes place at the Square De Gaulle. You can climb into the giant luminous balls with your family, but most of all, you can activate the boomerang option on Instagram for an original and brilliant video when the carousel starts!

4 / Place Wilson, the “Enchanted Garden”

For the fifth year, 20 trees at Place Wilson and also Goudouli Square are adorned with 200 coloured lights! It is, however, the fountain in the middle, sparkling with a thousand silver fires, that stands out. Its large, luminous arches extend out from the central fountain where the light rises. No need for a flash to capture the scene!

5 / Place Saint George, the “TreeLight”

Place Saint George: a design cliché with the “TreeLight”, two ever-changing firtrees in the middle of the square. All around, there are coloured hoops in the trees. And with the right angle, you can capture the stars that are outlined on the facades of the buildings in the square. A modern design, where the iconographic tradition of Christmas meets technological innovation, which will really add a unique touch to your Instagram account!

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 6 / The Galerie Lafayette rooftop, photo with a view

Just a year ago, ‘Ma Biche’ opened on the top floor of Galeries Lafayette. In December, the restaurant (whose menu was cooked up by the Michelin-starred chef Michel Sarran) and the terrace especially, dress themselves with light once more. It’s already great to have a selfie in this famous place… but if the background also offers a panorama of all the illuminations in the centre… what more could you want?

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 7 / The Capitole Dungeon, fairy tales told with lights

Here is the ideal place to set the scene for your special Christmas story! A fairy tale is projected onto the facade of the Capitole from December 1st to January 6th, Sunday to Thursday between 5.30pm and 8.30pm and Fridays and Saturdays between 5.30pm and 10pm. Here we can follow the adventures of the fairy Noélie trying to trace the steps of a Father Christmas who has disappeared. The story is captured, told and projected on the pink brick at night!


8 / Place Esquirol, the star pearls

Here, we’re talking technique and perspective! You have to be the end of the square to capture the starry sky of Esquirol imagined by the Toulouse lighting designer, Lionel Bessières. In black and white, blurred or in light painting mode, your photo will make your followers think that you have moved to another galaxy!


9 / Jeanne d’Arc the traditional merry-go-round

It is one of the most photographed attractions in the city! This old merry-go-round made up of wooden horses, fits in perfectly with the city’s Christmas decorations, just a stone’s throw from Place Jeanne d’Arc. Take a picture of it and get the illuminations of the facades and shops in the background!

 10 / Capitol Garden, the village of Father Christmas.

Stroll through the house belonging to the man with the long white beard, go through his bathroom and the elves’ bedroom, capture the toy workshop and the kitchen where everyone can rest and recuperate after a day of hard work, explore the elves’ maze: this village tells the tale of Christmas and is most definitely, super “Instagrammable”!

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