The best dishes for a taste of Asturias

Every bit of Asturias is tasty. Every corner, street and landscape, whether rural or urban, of Spain’s greenest region offers you an incomparable dish, recipe or ingredient, putting on an excellent spread for you to enjoy.

From orchards, to woods, rivers, seas, rock pools, estuaries, streets, villages, vineyards and cider presses, Asturias boasts hundreds of settings producing fantastic flavours, truly unique gems that will leave you with unforgettable gastronomical memories of your trip.

The long list of Asturian must-trys includes spoonfuls of fabada and pote, iconic Asturian veal, fish and shellfish delicacies from the sea, as well as cachopo, legendary pitu de caleya, artisanal cheeses, rice pudding and, of course, the two Asturian elixirs: Asturian cider and Cangas wine.

Fabada and pote, two cousins who get along famously

Fabada and pote are two stars of Asturias’ gastronomical scene. At their best in autumn and winter, you haven’t been to Asturias if you haven’t tried them, whatever the time of year.

While fabada is delicious in all its forms, the classic version comes with a compangu (side dish) and boasts all the goodness of gochu (pork). Other variations contain delicacies such as clams and wild boar. This dish is Asturias through and through, and is a must on any gastronomical checklist.

The same is true for pote- whether it’s made with collard greens or something else, like chestnuts, it’s always a must.

A bountiful sea

The Cantabrian Sea is Asturias’ coastal pantry, offering up the best barnacles, andarikas (crabs), bugres (lobsters), king crabs, llámparas (limpets) and much more besides.

From the sea to your plate via Asturian kitchens, experts in stews and other seafood dishes.

Every town and village on the Asturian coast smells delicious, especially at lunch and dinner time!




Always Asturian veal

Excellent Asturian veal is always a hit. It’s used in dozens of recipes, some traditional and others more innovative and creative, but all of them making great use of this fantastic raw material.

Perhaps one of the most popular dishes in recent times is cachopo, which has several variations but always involves two good fillets of Asturian veal.

King of the table: pitu de caleya

Pitu de caleya, which translates literally as “street chicken”, is a species unique to Asturias. A glimpse of them on the streets of an Asturian village gives a clue to what’s behind their unique flavour, which you’re sure to enjoy if you’re lucky enough to try some. This native breed feeds on what it finds in the street- ecology on a plate!

A world of cheeses

Asturias offers an unusual variety of artisanal cheeses, some of which are just as famous as they are tasty: Cabrales, Gamonéu, Casín and Afuega’l Pitu. As a starter, a dessert, a picnic, a snack- they’re tasty however you eat them.

Divine desserts and drinks

When it comes to dessert, Asturias boasts a particularly iconic one that goes extremely well with fabada: rice pudding, which can be enjoyed while celebrating one of the region’s famous festivals, such as the Santa Eulalia de Cabranes festival.

Always, of course, washed down with a glass of cider or Cangas wine.

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