The 3 must-see exhibitions of the moment

New Realism at Les Abattoirs, New Cities at Le Quai des Savoirs and New Tandem at L’Espace Croix Baragnon. Here are the three absolute must-see Toulouse exhibitions for spring 2017!

New realism, Les Abattoirs

This is undoubtedly one of the most visual, playful and accessible exhibitions to be put on at Les Abattoirs. A specialist in edgy works and special worlds, the Toulouse Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art takes us on a discovery of new realism. We come across original works: Yves Klein monochromes, lacerated posters by Raymond Hains; upended “snare pictures” by Daniel Spoerri. Each reflects industrialisation’s transforming influence on daily life and the huge consumption of the 60s. Everyday objects, car posters, neon lights and plastic waste earn their stripes and even become art. The basement is even more captivating: an ode to Daniel Spoerri entitled Daniel Spoerri, the hobbyhorses of the two Daniels. This curiosity shop includes vast and moving works, chairs, skulls, armour…all play a role. The icing on the cake on the next floor is artist Joël Andrianomearisoa’s Sentimental Products: transforming objects with the titles of his works, paying subtle homage to the people of Toulouse and creating poetic treasure hunts. “Alone on the sand” in a bottle, “Don’t leave without me” on a ticket or even “The ideal man” in a sachet. He makes you want to buy everything and come back…before 28 May!

New cities, Le Quai des Savoirs

Goodbye contemporary art, hello science culture. Visit Le Quai des Savoirs, and Invent the city where you are the hero. First, the exhibition immerses you in the cities of today: treasure hunts, plays on words, virtual reality, videos… It’s all designed to better understand the issues faced by the world and by modern cities. Everything is also set up to host visitors’ novel ideas and increase understanding of the cities of tomorrow: more united, more connected, “smarter”, more natural. You can design the future of the city where you will be comfortable. An interactive, kinaesthetic, exciting and innovative journey! In town until 27 August!

New Tandem, Croix Baragnon

This is the twentieth Tandem offered by L’Espace Croix Baragnon. This Gallery, which gives local creation star billing, puts two local artists together. As a result, Jacques Tison and Patrick Meunier have worked together to offer visitors a fresh perspective on their works. Paintings, sculpture and architectural motifs play off one another and alter the two-floor gallery spaces. Sad and rural landscapes play off minimalist motifs. The swell and water towers evoke flowing and perched sculptures. It’s enough to feel hypnotised until 29 April.

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