Summer 2018:, music returns to Genoa

George Gershwin, the famous pianist and composer of Rhapsody in Blue, said, “I like to think of music as an emotional science”. And how can you disagree? If music is able to free us from reality and set our imaginations adrift, then why not enjoy it at its highest level – in enchanting venues, at special moments, perhaps even on a warm summer evening on the seashore?

Summer in Genoa is the best reason for living here. Who cares about the rainy autumn months, icy winter winds and life’s general hardships? It’s unusual to find somewhere with such unique geography, just over an hour from France and a few kilometres from Portofino and the Cinque Terre. But actually all this is of little importance to Genoa’s residents. What counts is being able to hop onto their Vespas and travel no more than 15 minutes from the city centre to marvellous small bays or to the hills of the hinterland.

Summer is quintessentially fragrant and relaxing. But what would it be without music? After celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, the GoaBoa Festival is back. This event has changed its structure and venues over the years, and today is one of the staples of summer in Genoa. It runs from 13 to 25 July at the Arena del Mare in the Porto Antico, just a few metres from the sea. Numerous Italian and international artists will be appearing, kicking off with Negrita on 13 July and continuing with gigs from Caparezza, Coez, Motta, Coma-Cose and many others. Besides the performances, one of the most atmospheric parts of the evenings at GoaBoa will be seeing the ferries and cruise ships pass by just a few metres away as they leave the port. A truly unique show!

If you prefer classical to contemporary and trap music, don’t worry. Genoa has something up its sleeve just for you! The “I Notturni en plein air” festival is returning to the Palazzo Ducale from 19 July. These five free concerts are held in the Cortile Maggiore in collaboration with GOG, Genoa’s youth orchestra. Chopin, Bartók, Haydn and many other major classical piano composers will light up the summer nights at a must-see historical site, which nowadays hosts exhibits and events for almost 600,000 tourists each year.

Genoa, however, is first and foremost a city to be seen. Glimpses of the old town and its intimate neighbourhoods will provide the backdrop for the “In una notte d’estate” festival, featuring music, dance and theatre in the historic centre and in Nervi. For an evening under the stars from 23 June to 10 August, you’re simply spoiled for choice.

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