Summer 2018 Challenge: #Prestories

Have you ever heard of the sentence “Let your mind fly before the flight!”?

It is rather a superb phenomenon most people go through it without even noticing…including yourself, probably.

According to UK-based professors David Gilbert and Dr. Junaida Abdullah, holiday-makers experience an increasing happiness and comfort in the days before starting their off-work time. For this reason, they start imagining how great their vacation would be and daydream about it the entire time. Have you ever experienced it?

Every time you shower, you imagine yourself swimming in the pool…Every time you drink coffee, the mug transforms into a cocktail with a little umbrella…

Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal!

This phenomenon is called PRESTORIES, the stories happening in your head before the actual vacation. Pretty cool no?

It gets even more interesting…

We, in Volotea, have launched a summer challenge on social media networks encouraging users to share their own version of Prestories by creating images or videos similar to an Instagram story.

Participants can share their content on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PreStories. In addition, they must upload their pre-holiday stories on the website prestories.volotea.com to be an official participant of the challenge.

A demonstrative video was also created to explain this new concept to everyone.

At the end of each week, we will award a €100 voucher to any Volotea destination to the most original PreStories creator.

Each participant can upload videos and images as many times as they wish. So hurry up and let your imagination fly… before the flight!

Stay updated with the challenge by following our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts!

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