A street for all your desires

My favourite thing to do in Nantes is to go for a stroll! I stroll around aimlessly, I go to the shops that catch my eye, I sit in the sunshine outside a café, I walk in the streets in Nantes and let myself be inspired by my city. On a beautiful summer afternoon, whilst visiting a friend of mine who runs an absolutely irresistible haberdashery and tearoom, I thought to myself that every street in Nantes is synonymous with a desire!

For example in that road, the shops have a private feel to them which I love… and it’s funny, the restaurants on the street give the same impression of being secret and hidden away – the kind of addresses you only give to good friends, to ensure that tourists don’t start arriving by the bus-load to take advantage of the best of what Nantes has to offer.

I’ve decided to call rue Fouré, right by Cité des Congrès, Self-Indulgent Street! There are restaurants all along the street. Some are ideal for a business lunch, others are perfect for a romantic dinner! I often come to rue Fouré to enjoy delicious meals with my husband!

A different street, a different vibe: rue Joffre. As a former Parisian, it’s a bit like a condensed version of the city for me! The street is crawling with people, it’s lively and it comes to a standstill too! It’s home to unusual shops, vintage second-hand shops, crazy little book shops, cosy wine bars, rather talented hairdressers, a musical instrument shop and kebab houses! In short: a delightful melting pot, just by the Cathedral!

Not far from the Cathedral, the rue du Château is one of the most fashionable streets in Nantes. The shops are filled with creative items, from things children to home accessories – it’s difficult to hold yourself back when it comes to shopping! When it comes to the restaurants, we just love the how beautifully decorated they are! And, best of all: it’s a pedestrianised street!

Lastly, rue Crébillon, which has given its name to a word which is only for those who live in Nantes: to Crébillonnate! Every Saturday, this town-centre pedestrian street is invaded by shopaholics, Crébillonnating! This is the high-end street in Nantes, shops are high-end and it’s surrounded by some of the jewels of Nantes: on the right, there’s Passage Pommeraye, with its monumental staircases and luxurious boutiques. To the north, Place Graslin and its superb theatre. To the south, Place Royale, the heart of Nantes.

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