Strasbourg by boat

Batorama hosts a hidden fleet of river cruising boats…in Paris these go by the name of bateaux-mouches, but that has become something inherently Parisian so we don’t use that name here.

With your ticket in hand (take our friendly advice and avoid the queues) climb aboard and take a seat. If the weather is good, then you will be able to travel on an ‘open top’ boat, your photos and selfies will look amazing.

Put on your headset and choose the language you want to listen to. There are also child friendly commentaries available in several languages. And we’re off, fun ahoy for all ages!

A cruise to La Petite France and the EU Institutions

Depending on which route you choose to take, the first part of your trip will take you to the picturesque district of La Petite France. You’ll hear all about the history of the timbered houses as you cruise on by.

As you travel through a lock, the river opens up and you will pass under the Ponts Couverts or Covered Bridges, the ancient doorways to the city and the wonder of Strasbourg is revealed.

Everybody agrees that the best secrets of Strasbourg and its most beautiful views can be uncovered by boat. It gives you such a wonderful vision of this “Argent City on the river” a reference to Argentoratum, the ancient Roman name for the capital of the Rhineland.

Plotting a course to Europe

After La Petite France, your boat will set off towards the EU Institutions. Once there, having passed by the most stylish districts of Strasbourg, the striking modern architecture will astound you. This is the beating heart of Europe. You may want to come back again to take a look inside some of these institutions.

During the 1hour 10 min of your cruise you will have seen a large part of the town centre. What is more, by listening to the commentary you will have learnt a little about the historical struggles which made the town what it is today.

All that is left is to continue your journey of discovery on foot, open up the doors of restaurants in town and completely satisfy your appetite.

Useful Information

Locate the Jetty:  En route to Palais de Rohan – 150m from the Cathedral in Place du Marché aux poissons

Tel: 03 88 84 13 13 –

3 Friendly pieces of advice

1)  The boat trips are really popular, so you will save time if you book your trip and buy your tickets online at

2)  If possible, try to pick a day when the weather forecast is good so you can take your trip on an “open-top” boat and get some amazing photos (with no glare from the windows!)

3)  If you are coming to Strasbourg over the Christmas period, we recommend taking a trip at dusk. It’s a fabulous pre-dinner treat and you’ll appreciate the city lights all the more from the river.

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