Spotlight on watersports

Love the thrills and spills of being on the water? In Toulouse and the surrounding area you can try new and fun watersports. Canoeing, wakeboarding, boating, water-skiing… Although the area lacks sea and waves, there are lots of bodies of water and original ideas!

Wakeboarding on Lake Sesquières

From April to October, Téléski Nautique de Sesquières cable skiing is open to the public. It features a cable which pulls thrill seekers along at 30 km/h over a 750 m-long course. With one roof, one A-frame, four kickers, one box, one flat bar and one dragon, the range of modules round the lake encourage boarders to have a go at lots of different tricks. Beginner? No worries: you can also do kneeboarding (kneeling on a board) or water-skiing. You can whizz all over the lake throughout the summer between 10am and 9pm. It’s €19 for an hour and you can borrow all the kit you need!

Water-Skiing on the River Garonne

Always dreamt of water-skiing in the centre of town? Well, in Toulouse your dream can come true! Le Ski Club de la Péniche is open daily from midday to 8pm for water-skiing sessions on the River Garonne. Pulled along by a boat, you will pass the Pont Neuf and wave to people walking in the Daurade area and revellers in Place Saint-Pierre. But don’t come a cropper! As well as water-skiing sessions (from €32), the club offers introductions to Stand Up Paddleboarding and tubing for groups. Ready to hit the water?

Canoeing on the River Ariège

On Saturday mornings, Canoë Kayak Toulousain canoe and kayak will take you out to discover the natural and cultural heritage between Lacroix-Falgarde and the edge of Toulouse. In the Réserve Naturelle Régionale Confluence Garonne-Ariège natural reserve, young and old alike can paddle individually or in groups, enjoying the flow, fauna and flora of the River Ariège. Departure: 9:30am for a three-hour trip costing €25.

Boating on the Canal du Midi

No boating licence? No problem! NaviCanal lends out small electric boats which are easy to drive and environmentally-friendly. “That’s not sport,” you cry…but the adventure is worth it! You can calmly enjoy the banks and surroundings of the Canal for two hours, alone or in a group of up to five people (from €30). Shall we be off?

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