S’Musauer Stuebel, so much more than a restaurant

Musau is a district in Strasbourg. You leave the city centre, follow the Rhine road and then you come to a outlying neighbourhood. Then you either look at your GPS or ask the taxi-driver to show you “Rue Murbach”. A beautiful restaurant awaits you, changing with the seasons. In summer, sitting at the tables outside is like sitting in a bower, and in the winter, it is warm and magical inside.

But, we’ll let you into a secret, we come for the food. Marco and Christophe are, slowly but surely, adding their own beautiful page to the book of Strasbourgian gastronomic history. Far from the heart of the city, S’Musauer Stuebel is distilling the secret to “pleasurable cuisine”.

Pleasurable cuisine

We naturally let ourselves be pampered, tempted by seasonal recipes. The salads here delight gourmets, and a lot of thought has gone into the starters. The foie gras nuances excite foodies, and the gravlax salmon with capers as well.

Like us, you’ll have started the meal with the sardine rillettes (pâté). Listen to the sound of your knife across the slices of bread. It’s like a sweet strain of music from Provence, a region that is very dear to Christophe. Just mention Saint-Tropez to him, his own neck of the woods!

The Rhine may not be the sea, but that’s perhaps the only thing that is missing here.

From Alsace to Faugères

To take your mind off the sea, you think about the wines. The wine list of this particular restaurant is an invitation for somebody who is passionate about wine to embark on a wonderful voyage. Quite naturally you drift from Alsace to Faugères. Christophe or Marco don’t just tell you about the local wines, they tell you encounters and stories.

The menu varies again and depending on when you visit the restaurant, you may perhaps find on it Lièvre à la Royale (salmis of hare), sea bream that has been swept in by today’s tide or rolled fillets of stag or deer. Every season and every occasion has its own special pleasures.

Those who have a sweet tooth will want to save some space for the “house” desserts. Here again, the chef revisits some of the classics, garnished with the most wonderful fruit.

We personally are confessing a weakness for the “torche aux marrons”, also known by the very Parisian name “Mont Blanc” which is a signature French dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream. Savouring delicacies isn’t a sin!

You will truly enjoy this festival for the taste buds from the Musau neighbourhood. In Strasbourg, this address is something that food lovers are always passing on to each other.

S’Musauer Stuebel

11, rue Murbach – 67000 Strasbourg

Tel. +33 (0)3 88 39 39 98

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