Quesos Guriamen

Another reason to love the curious statistic of goats outnumbering people on Fuerteventura is the plentiful goats’ cheeses, which you can buy direct from the producers at Villaverde’s Quesos Guriamen. In medieval times, prior to the Spanish conquest, the island was known as Maxorata. Nowadays, if you hail from Fuerteventura you’re still known as a majorero which is also the

name of the local cheese. Villaverde co-operative Quesos Guriamen only offer the real deal, as inferior producers cut their queso with ewes’ milk. They specialize in five types of goat’s cheese: soft, cured/semi-cured with paprika, and cured/semi-cured with gofio, a toasted cornmeal unique to the Canary Islands.

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