Puerto de Vega

Here in Puerto de Vega maritime lovers will find their personal paradise. This old little fishing village represents the essence of the flavour of the sea. Tradition and local colour is abundant across its little streets, filled with typical fisherman houses. The village, located on the western coast, is full of historic signs and memories. Delight yourself as you try the fresh seafood in one of its taverns, or join in on one of their “sardinadas”, local fiesta

where sardines are grilled and served fresh off the grill. Stroll down the strip where one can enjoy the display of today’s fresh catch from the Cantabrian as well as buy what one would like to enjoy for supper. Climb up to the viewpoint Mirador de la Riva, discover the old medieval plaza, the historic mansions, and explore the wharf, if possible with a camera at hand. This is the true life of the sea on display. 

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