Panoramic Nantes

I had to wait a few decades to be able to look down at Nantes from above!

It’s true that Nantes doesn’t have any mountains or natural peaks, except perhaps the Butte Sainte Anne which offers a great view of the Loire. At the same time, I’ve walked all round the city, so why take a look at it from above?

Then the Tour Bretagne (Brittany Tower) opened a panoramic terrace on the 32nd floor. A crowd of local residents rushed to visit the building, built in the seventies, to enjoy this stunning view of Nantes. I wanted to admire my city from up above too.

After the summer with its hordes of visitors, I took advantage of a beautiful afternoon in September to climb up with my family and enjoy 7th heaven! My son, aged 3, was already very impressed by the lift and then by the very dark corridor but when he discovered the Nest, with its egg-style seats and the large heron lying down, he threw himself on the plastic animal, thrilled by his discovery!
Amused by Jean Jullien’s work, I soon saw the large bay windows: it felt like I was being pulled by a magnetic attraction – I had to go out, I had to see.

Wow! In dazzling sunshine, it was all there, my city, my Nantes … We went all the way round the 360° terrace to find the Château, our first apartment, our current home, the Loire, the Erdre, the Elephant… Time stood still, it felt like all of Nantes was at our fingertips!
A bit like the night I ventured into the only restaurant in Nantes with a roof terrace. Located on the Island of Nantes, this restaurant actually has two floors: the dining area is on the top floor and the bar is a rooftop, a sky bar, just like in New York!

On the 8th floor of this brand new building, I sipped a cocktail, watching the sunset. The weather was so good in July – I could have stayed there all night! My friends and I took full advantage of this sky bar to look at the Loire, getting lost in the rooftops of Nantes and really enjoying our trendy surroundings! In short: an excellent evening with a superb view!

Lastly, for a (slightly raised) view of Nantes, there’s the Tour Lu (Lu Tower). Few residents of Nantes are aware, but the Tour Lu is open to the general public. You can climb to the top and enjoy a view of the Château… And no, it isn’t high enough to have a breath-taking view, but it’s worth the detour – if only so you can say: “I’ve done it”!

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