Nantes by boat

When the weather is good, Nantes becomes a greener Venice in the West!
The banks of the Erde, Loire and Sèvre fill with the inhabitants of Nantes in search of tranquility, a good picnic spot, or somewhere to play with the kids!
When the temperatures start to rise, my personal favourite is to take a boat trip along the waterways of Nantes.
On the Erdre I’d hire an electrical boat at the foot of Ile Versaille. You don’t need a license and you can travel up river as far as Saint Joseph de Porterie and Corquefour where you’ll find a rather stunning chateau. Around us, row boats, pedalos and even optimists float calmly along the Erdre... I just love this sleepy pleasure port atmosphere…right in the centre of town!
Another outing I remember fondly is my dinner cruise on the Erdre…
One mild summer’s eve, my husband gave me the best surprise: a wonderful trip along the river whilst enjoying a delicious meal. We even managed to catch the sunset, it was magical!
Cruising along the Loire is a lot riskier! This majestic river is well-known for its untamable currents and mysterious sandbanks…If you want to take on the Loire then you can’t do better than the Navibus. With a simple public transport ticket, you can cross over to the opposite bank of the Loire, enjoying a little ride on the river, before strolling around Trentemoult, once home to the fisherman of Nantes but now a colorful district to visit! When it is really sunny you’re bound to get a tan!
On the Sèvre, canoes take pride of place! My favourite place to hire one is in Vertou. I like to navigate through nature, admiring the luxuriant vegetation whilst feeling a million miles away from the rush of the city…and yet Nantes is only a few kilometres away by bus…It is incredible!
Lastly, during the summer I enjoy the tourist and musical cruises along the Loire. It’s the perfect time to (re)discover the banks of the Loire and admire the artwork the length of the Estuary. The cruise is quite long, but the landscape, both urban and wild is breathtaking…The Loire is definitely a surprising river and there is no better way to explore it than by boat!

Nantes by boat is always a love affair!

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