A museum which is good enough to eat

Did you know that Alsace is one of the biggest chocolate exporting regions? This might surprise you. When staying in Strasbourg, you’ll be able to visit the city’s chocolatiers and an amazing Chocolate Museum.

Strasbourg, the chocolate capital? The phrase may make you smile, but there’s a strong link between the Alsace region and chocolate. During your stay in the heart of the European capital, you may be surprised by the number of chocolatiers in the city’s streets; you should also know that there’s a chocolate museum on the outskirts of Strasbourg. Let us tell you more!

Since I love to share things I’ve found out with you, I’ll start by reminding you that Alsace is the largest exporter of chocolate in France. Companies including Mars, Suchard, Schaal are well-known by the public. Boosted by the presence of many artisan chocolatiers, Alsace is also home to a “Chocolate Route”.

While in Strasbourg, you’ll obviously want to begin by visiting the chocolatiers in the city centre. The enthusiasm and expertise of Christian Meyer make a visit to Chez Christian  unmissable – or, more precisely, a visit to one of the two shops which bear his name.

We recommend the shop on rue Mercière and its ‘chocolate room’. Here, in a cosy, almost British atmosphere, you’ll enjoy homemade pâtisseries, perhaps even a Torche aux Marrons (chestnut cream meringue) and an exceptionally good hot chocolate. Much like with wine, you’ll learn that the region and the origins of chocolate change its flavours and taste.

The secrets of chocolate, revealed

Want to find out more?

You’ll need to leave Strasbourg to visit the Chocolate Museum in Geispolsheim. This museum is full of wonderful surprises. Young and old alike will love this museum, where visitors would like to dip their fingers into its exhibits!

Following in the footsteps of the Marquise de Sévigné, the history of chocolate is revealed with a film, animated displays, interactive screens and workshops. You’ll be an expert when it comes to ganache and pralines. Between tasting sessions and revelations from the Head Chocolatier, you’ll find this museum good enough to eat.

2 expert tips

The shop: a shop will allow you to bring back supplies for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones. Have you ever drunk a chocolate flavoured beer or taken a shower with a chocolate scented shower gel?

The restaurant: The Museum houses a restaurant, Les Secrets des Grands Express. A quirky place, you can enjoy delicious fine dining here in a dining car of the Orient Express. An unusual experience.

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