MM Park: a World War Two museum near Strasbourg!

The atmosphere is set right from arrival at the MM Park car park. A blockhouse evokes the reality of the Atlantic Wall. But we are a long way from the sea! We are in Alsace, near Strasbourg, and other surprises await.

People come here out of curiosity and because of their interest. They come as a family, with tiny children as well as with the last remaining witnesses of the Second World War. The history of the twentieth century and its “final” war now has its own museum.

MM Park: more than a museum

MM Park is a great deal more than a museum… It actually started out as a childhood dream. Belonging to Eric Kauffmann. It all begins with a dagger: a military object found in this Alsace region which has been subjected to so much combat. This is the start of a unique collection. 120 tanks as well as armoured and other vehicles represent the different countries involved; 400 mannequins show roles and uniforms. Thousands of weapons will delight enthusiasts.

This place is unique… How does someone end up collecting tanks? Quite easily, Eric Kauffmann will tell you if you meet him. He is simply keeping memories alive in his own way.

You walk along the corridors in front of glass windows as if you were travelling back through time. In a very different way!

The predecessors of James Bond

A large room of places will fascinate espionage enthusiasts. Here we are in the heart of Dominique Soulier’s Sussex Collection. It pays tribute to shadowy figures and secret agents who came before Agent OSS 117 and James Bond.

Coded messages, hidden gadgets, self-destructing paper… Without the seemingly impossible missions these men undertook, Europe would not have been freed from totalitarianism.

It is impossible not to be amazed by a ring which hides the notorious cyanide pill! This really existed! War is not fictional cinema.

As a result, the museum and collection are historical yet also “alive”. You take the time to explore the museum including the Nazi Marine (Kriegsmarine) patrol boat floating in a dock identical to those at ports in the East or in Bordeaux. The attention to detail is incredible.

Memories and emotions

Little ones can then make their way to a “play” zone. You can look for mines and try your hand at a high ropes course themed around military landings to enjoy a time of escape…

You reflect, you think about the history of Europe… Emotions, memories, images… Visitors talk to each other… This place is a must-visit!

4 Rue Gutenberg
67610 La Wantzenau France

Tel: +33 (0)3 88 59 25 43


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