Marsaxlokk, the fishing village

Marsaxlokk Bay is the second largest port in Malta. It’s the ideal place for admiring traditional Maltese fishing boats, called Luzzus. These boats are painted in bright colours and all feature the iconic pair of eyes motif on the bow.

This village is the main fishing port of the archipelago. Its fish market on a Sunday offers a fascinating glimpse into Maltese social life and traditional industry. The stalls are brimming with the fishermen’s nighttime catches: fish of all sizes, all colours and all kinds. The village has some very good seafood restaurants.

The name “Marsaxlokk” comes from the Arabic word “Marsa”, meaning “port”, and the Maltese word for the South-East Mediterranean wind, “Xlokk” (sirocco in English). With its sheltered ports, Marsaxlokk was an ideal landing area for pirates and Ottoman Turks. It is where the Ottomans anchored in preparation for an attack which finished in what we now know as the Great Siege of 1565. Napoleon’s army landed there in 1798, and more recently, the port was the location of a summit meeting between Bush and Gorbachev in 1989.

The promontory located to the left of the bay is Delimara Point. It consists of two isolated rocky coves, ideal for those who want to swim: St. Peter’s Pool, as well as a cove that is at the furthest point of the promontory. Fort Delimara was constructed to the west of the peninsula in 1881 by the British, with the aim of monitoring the entrance of Marsaxlokk Bay.

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