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Even when I travel, I always feel like I see the same big international fashion brands. It’s reassuring when there’s a change of season and you need a lighter blouse or a slightly warmer pullover but it’s also a bit lazy. However, there are more original boutiques out there for you to discover.

In Bordeaux, I have a few brands in mind whose fame has reached far beyond this city and whose headquarters or factory is based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. I think it’s great to opt for a local product whether it’s for me or is a present for somebody else.

Here is my little list, which is far from being comprehensive, but is full of sure winners and covers quite a broad range.

Caudalie emerged from the vineyards of château Smith Haut Lafitte, who produce Crus Classés vintage Graves wine. The daughter of the owner, Mathilde Thomas-Cathiard, and her husband launched this range of cosmetics based on the properties of grape vine seeds and shoots. A nod to anti-wrinkle creams based on resveratrol.

My little weakness, Adopt’. While Adopt’ also sells makeup and accessories, I love it for its perfumes, and I go pretty frequently to discover what’s new and stock up on amber with orange flower, neroli, violet with raspberry and vanilla with ylang ylang. I love all the reasonable prices and the 30ml bottles that are perfect for slipping into my toiletries bag when I travel.

When I was a little girl, I used to go to classical dancing lessons, and my leotard and shoes were from Repetto. The brand has expanded since to make shoes that fashionistas all around the world truly adore. But what they don’t know is that these shoes are made in the Dordogne, not far from Bordeaux.

For 65 years, the Janine Robin family company, rechristened Janine Robin Bassin d’Arcachon has been specialising in lingerie and swimwear. What I love about their clothing is that the fit and the materials have been carefully researched to ensure they make your figure look good.

Petrusse‘s scarves and stoles marry poetry and refinement in cotton, silk or wool. I am all the more furious at having lost my scarf during a trip, an indispensable accessory for both pleasure and comfort. Petrusse’s headquarters are located near Langon in the house that was built in 1860 by Jacques Mauriac, grandfather of the famous writer, François Mauriac.

I’ve known DDP for years as a women’s fashion brand that is easy to wear, and On.You as a more recent and on-trend branch of the same, with a more raw and more sophisticated style. But I was surprised to learn that the Bordeaux group BMC is in charge of Bonendroi, a kind of elegant and contemporary bazaar that I like visiting, as well as Eggman children’s bags and pencil cases that can be customised with stick-on silicone pieces, Etwog adults’ bags, La Carafe a 1950s style coffee pot, Yeh-Loh lamps and Bijoux de Mimi jewellery.

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