Les Utopiales: International Science Fiction Festival in Nantes

Les Utopiales is a science fiction festival attended and enjoyed by Nantes locals and international visitors on the first weekend in November each year.

Whether you’re a science fiction fan, a literature and technology lover or just curious, Les Utopiales is one unmissable festival. At the beginning of November, the La Cité Nantes Events Centre becomes a place where anything can happen as imagination and science combine and even converge.

The Les Utopiales Science Fiction Festival is unique and difficult to describe if you’ve never been. The programme is eclectic and this diversity is what makes it interesting. The range of entertainment put on over five days is all on one theme which changes each year. ‘Reality’, ‘Machines’ and ‘Time’ are just some examples of topics which have been featured at Les Utopiales. As you can imagine, these subjects contain plenty to discuss and imagine!

On the Les Utopiales programme you will find round table discussions, conferences, exhibitions, film showings, autograph signing and a range of other events which showcase scientific research, technological innovation and imaginary worlds. With literature, cinema, graphic arts, games, cosplay and more, each visitor can build their own programme to suit.

Curious attendees go with the flow, fans seek out autograph signings and meet-ups with guests of honour, enthusiasts hope to discover the work of emerging artists at low prices and enjoy short film showings, while some people do a little bit of everything.

On-site there are opportunities to eat and shop (books, games, etc.) as well as places to sit and chat with people you meet during the festival. Even after going for several years, I still enjoy it just as much as ever because of the great atmosphere.

At Les Utopiales you can be dazzled, discover the future, have your mind broadened and simply enjoy. I think the best is yet to come and hope to have piqued your interest here.

To explore the full festival programme, visit the Les Utopiales website.

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