La Folle Journée

Nantes is renowned as being a hotspot for music. One reason for this is its famous classical music festival, La Folle Journée (literally “Crazy Day”). For one long weekend, Nantes turns into the national, if not international, capital of classical music. From 1 to 5 February 2017, “Le Rythme des Peuples” (“Rhythm of the People”) will provide an unparalleled musical experience highlighting the influence of dance on music, at the Cité des Congrès and Lieu Unique in Nantes.

For its 23rd edition, La Folle Journée is pursuing its goal of introducing classical music to the widest possible audience and shaking up the image of classical music concerts by making them accessible, original and upscale. Mission accomplished, as thousands of spectators will be turning up from all over France and abroad! Featuring 330 concerts and 1,500 artists, some 150,000 tickets are on sale.

Since 1995, international artists, talented young musicians and amateurs have gathered here to offer a broad spectrum of baroque, romantic and contemporary music, all based around a new theme each year. The theme for 2017, “Le Rythme des Peuples”, will enable us to discover how Chopin, Mozart, Bach and Tchaikovsky wrote pieces specifically to accompany certain dances, rather than the other way round. La Folle Journée will take us on a journey through the centuries and countries, showcasing an array of unusual and hitherto-unknown dances, including marches, passacaglia, pavane, bolero, polonaise, waltz, polka and mazurka.

A highlight this year will be the special appearance by the Latvian National Orchestra and National Choir, described as “one of the best in the world” by the founder of La Folle Journée, René Martin.

Ticket prices: €10 to €28.

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