I giocattoli, our local hero from Palermo

We had a chat with Palermo’s emerging indie quartet I Giocattoli about their unmissable city spots, favourite food and first date walks.

“Some people listen to loud music inside their cars or on their bikes (yes, bikes!) with super-powered speakers”

They started as passionate video makers, covering already existing tracks, but their original music has earned them a big following too. 2018 will see the release of their debut EP: “Machepretendi”.

Describe where you live in ten words or less.

Culture, beauty, magic, flavours, food, history, art.

How do most people prefer to consume music in Palermo?

In Palermo, music is divided between different factions: some people listen to more or less famous bands that come to play in our historical pubs, and some people listen to loud music inside their cars or on their bikes (yes, bikes!) with super-powered speakers.

There are also some shy people who listen with earbuds while walking around the city, surrounded by unique art masterpieces.

Does living in Palermo influence the music you make?

Yes. Our city influences our music in part.

What is your favourite place to lunch when you have 10€ in your pocket?

For sure “Nni Franco U’ Vastiddaru”!

What are the top things you’d suggest to music fans visiting Palermo to go and see/do/eat/drink?

They should absolutely have a look at some of our beloved monuments. To mention just a few of them: Teatro Massimo, Teatro Politeama, Orto Botanico, The Cathedral, Oratorio di S. Cita, Chiesa S. Maria dello Spasimo and Piazza Pretoria (in English it’s called “Square of Shame”). And we must not forget our street food: Pani ca meusa, panino pannello e crocchè, stigghiola, quarume, arancine, pezzi di rosticceria. When drinking, you absolutely must try the FORST “atturrunata” beer, which you can find only in some quarters like Vucciria or Ballarò.

Do you have any favourite record stores or flea markets?

We recommend the Sunday morning market that takes place in “Piazza Marina”. You can find everything there, from vintage clothing to music, home furnishings and more.

Where would you go for a walk on a first date?

For sure on the amazing beach of Mondello.


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