Haut-Koenigsbourg, the most beautiful château in Alsace

Viewed from the plain of Alsace, the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg fascinates. It amazes children, and makes adults think. No surprise that it’s a favourite destination for families and groups of friends. Exploration of the château begins with the ascent.

Above the vines, between the trees, it plays hide-and-seek and then reveals itself. Time to get out of your modern “steeds” as Alsace reveals itself. When the weather is fine, a unique panorama allows you to observe a rare landscape extending as far as the Black Forest.

View over the plain of Alsace

A pathway, sometimes via the medieval garden allows you to push on as far as the entrance. There, the majestic Haut-Koengisbourg, or HK as some young people call it, open its doors to you.

It tells you a story, that of a castle built in the 12th century. The castle was abandoned in 1633 and given to Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern by the town of Sélestat in 1899. Dreaming of reviving the former Germanic empire, he entrusted the restoration of the castle to the architect Bodo Ebhardt, a specialist in mediaeval fortifications.

This 15th century mountain fortress in Alsace then became a tool of political communication at the centre of Europe.

Donjons and dragons

This unmissable place can be explored in a variety of ways. You can explore it by yourself at your own pace or accompanied by a character straight out of history. The Kaiser’s room is fascinating, almost as much as the donjon!

The frescoes by the artist Léo Schnug amaze viewers with their wealth of hidden detail. You can picture the ambition of the Hohenzollerns here.

In the next room, a surprising dragon amazes visitors. The tour then continues to the donjon. Here again, there are rare landscapes to enjoy, historic weapons and a unique ambiance. The château is to be savoured in the same way as other specialities from Alsace. Your cultural appetite will grow with each new discovery between the Rhine and Vosges.

Over to you!

Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg
67600 Orschwiller
Telephone: +33 (0)3 69 33 25 00

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