Five must-see beaches

Galicia has more miles of coastline than any other Autonomous Community, and the province of A Coruña is the cream of the crop. A Coruña is a land surrounded by the sea, with more than 360 beaches dotted along its Atlantic coast. We’ve picked out five unmissable beaches for your to-do list.

As Lapas: Beyond the famous beaches of Riazor and Orzán is a peaceful cove with one of the best views in the city. In As Lapas, you can gaze up at the Tower of Hercules as you lounge on the sand. Sheltered by its unspoilt surroundings, As Lapas is a tranquil spot with generally calm seas. Sitting here, it seems unthinkable that just a stone’s throw away the waves are breaking against the rocks below the cliff-top compass rose.

As Lapas beach, with the Tower of Hercules.

Espiñeiro: Over recent years, urban beaches have seen an exodus of people, with many of them now heading to Mera, in the town of Oleiros. A few wooden steps lead down to Espiñeiro, a beach that is generally protected from the wind and the big swells, and that gives you a whole different view of A Coruña. Mind you, make sure you get there early because the car park is only small and the locals tend to cash in on their properties’ prime locations by charging visitors to park on their land.

Area Maior: If you head down to Muros, you will find one of the most spectacular locations this side of the Atlantic. Louro beach sits at the foot of the hill of the same name, with the lagoon of Xarfas just behind it. Area Maior, a coastline of fine-sand dunes lapped by wild (and cold!) seas will soon become the star of your Instagram snapshots. And you absolutely have to watch the sunset from the seashore.

Campelo: Rumour has it that, once you have been to Campelo, no other beach will do. It is in the north east, in Valdoviño, and is the hidden gem of this surfer-friendly coastline. In summer, the small, untamed beach (be warned, you won’t find any lifeguards or beach bars here) fills with caravans belonging to the many surfers who have fallen in love with this out-of-the-way spot. Head down a few steep steps and traverse a swathe of rounded, polished stones to reach this corner of paradise.

Campelo beach (© Sandra Rego)

Sonreiras: If you keep going right to the end of the headland, to one of the northernmost points in the Ferrolterra area, you will find a fairytale cove that, as its name suggests, will give you something to smile about. We’re not joking: this corner of Cedeira is the equal of any cove in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by wild vegetation and cliffs, with crystal-clear water that lets you see right to the bottom, and cut off from the hustle and bustle, it is the perfect place to unwind.

Sonreiras beach (© Andra Sixto)

These beaches may not be the most famous or the biggest, but they have their own special charm that makes them well worth a visit.

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