Enjoy a drink on the terrace at Nantes

Nantes is a very pleasant city on account of its green and airy character. There are large squares, waterways and areas set up especially for Voyage à Nantes. There’s no shortage of places to enjoy a drink in pleasant surroundings. In this article, I’ll be showing you the most beautiful terraces in Nantes.

Place du Bouffay

If you asked a Nantes local where to go get a drink, there’s a good chance that their first answer would be ‘Bouffay’. Place du Bouffay, one of the main squares in the city, is an excellent choice. It is surrounded by a number of bars with really expansive terraces. But they are often full, especially during summer when spectacular artworks are set up there! If this happens to you, you can certainly find something to enjoy in the small surrounding streets still within the Bouffay district. There are numerous bars with terraces which are smaller, but very charming.

Le Hangar à bananes

This building was previously used as part of the harbour activities in Nantes and its shipyards. Nowadays it’s home to numerous bars, restaurants and clubs. Each address offers a different atmosphere, but one thing they all have in common is the superb view of the Loire and Daniel Buren’s rings.

With its concert bars and clubs, le Hangar à bananes is the area favoured by night owls!

La Cantine du Voyage à Nantes

La Cantine du Voyage à Nantes is set up just for the summer and is located just to the side of the Hangar à bananes. This is one of the largest open spaces to have a drink. Here you can sip your drink in a deckchair facing the Loire, but you can also play a game of pétanque (a kind of lawn bowling) or table football in a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Le Bateau Lavoir

This time located on the Erdre river, Le Bateau Lavoir is an urban floating ‘guinguette’ bar. The space is not particularly large, but it’s very friendly, local cuisine is served there, and it’s not unusual to happen across an event taking place (such as concerts, exhibitions etc.).
This version of Le Bateau Lavoir was built recently, but its name (‘The Wash-house Boat’) references the old wash-houses which used to be found in Nantes.

Le Lieu Unique

The former LU biscuit factory, now Le Lieu Unique, allows you to enjoy a drink inside in a musical, festive and industrial atmosphere. Outside you’ll find a beautiful terrace on the bank of the Erdre river just to the side of Nantes’ marina. The terrace offers shade and fresh air thanks to the Erdre, which is definitely something to keep in mind during hot summer days.

Le Vertigo

Le Vertigo is Nantes’ only sky bar, and it offers a magnificent view over the city.  You can discover a new perspective on the district looking out from this new creation, which is a real architectural laboratory.

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