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Alsace harbours plenty of surprises. At the foot of the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, not far from the Montagne des Singes, the Volerie des Aigles is a rare place, to be explored with friends or family.

Like us, you will leave the village of Kintzheim by road. At the end of the village, on your right, you will see the parking area. You are not far from the castle, but the show is worth it. You will make a quiet, leisurely climb on foot.

Kintzheim and its eagles

Kintzheim, which in Latin was called Regis Villa, the town of the kings, is said to have welcomed famous visitors. “The Merovingian kings made it the centre of a vast domain that encompassed the Haut-Koenigsbourg. Charlemagne would celebrate Christmas in the ‘Palatium Selestatis’, presumably located in Kintzheim”, we are told.

But nowadays, one has a very different reason for visiting the castle. It is to discover the most beautiful and largest of the world’s birds of prey. Since 1968, the Volerie des Aigles has responded to two challenges: to improve the public image of birds of prey, and to enable the birds to reproduce in captivity in order to support the preservation of biological diversity.

Your visit promises to be an epic event. First, you will observe the species in their shelters, before proceeding with the show. Here you will witness the bond between the animals and their trainers. There they are, flying right over your heads.

Black kites, condors and vultures

A rare sight! Sometimes even a wild bird comes to fly with those of its kind. This is true of the black kites. How can one not be captivated by the majestic flight of the eagle in the Alsace sky?

The bolder among you may be tempted to wear the glove and allow a bird of prey to land upon it. You will be able to let a condor from the Andes walk over your legs.

At one point, the show will become so absorbing that you will simply smile and be carried away by the moment.

Already amazed, you have yet to see the Egyptian vulture. It belongs to one of the rare species that use tools. You will watch, fascinated, as it uses a pebble to break an ostrich egg.

One last view of the night birds, the long-eared and short-eared owls, will make your visit an exceptional occasion.

Château de Kintzheim
Tel: (+33)3 88 92 84 33

Useful information

Performances may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain.

Length of visit: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (including 40 minutes for the show).

Please allow 10 minutes to walk from the parking area to the entrance of the castle.

Last admission: 10 minutes after the start of the last performance.

Pets are not allowed in the park.

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