“Crebillonning” – how to say shopping in Nantes!

When people go window shopping in Nantes, they use the verb “crébillonner”, coined after Rue Crébillon, the iconic sloping street brimming with shops.

In Nantes, the expression “crébillonner” originally meant to stroll up and down Rue Crébillon admiring the shop windows. Yet some Nantes folk still use it today when talking about their shopping trips. Here’s a round-up of some of the best places to go shopping in Nantes.

Rue Crébillon and Passage Pommeraye

Rue Crébillon is located right in the heart of the city centre, between two of the most beautiful squares in Nantes. Both sides of the street are lined with rather chic boutiques. If you’re into great fashion and luxury brands, you’ll be in heaven here.

From Rue Crébillon, you can wander into Passage Pommeraye, one of the most stunning sites in Nantes, if not Europe. This three-storey covered arcade dates back to the 19th century and has been splendidly restored. It’s the perfect place if you decide to hit the shops on a rainy day, or just want to carry on shopping after Rue Crébillon.

Rue du Calvaire

Rue du Calvaire isn’t far from the first two streets, and most of France’s big-name retailers can be found here. If you’re on a tight budget, this is where you need to hang around. Rue du Calvaire is one of the best spots to pick up a bargain in the sales.

Bouffay district

Bouffay is the oldest district in Nantes, and going shopping in its tiny streets is always a treat for the eyes. This neighbourhood is also home to Galeries Lafayette, which has taken over from Decré, the city’s first department store. You’ll find all the finest Parisian brands here.

Bouffay also has many small independent boutiques where you can pick out some lovely pieces, especially if you’re into fashion and home decoration.

Beaulieu and Atlantis shopping centres

Lastly, if you prefer a one-stop shopping experience, you can head for one of the city’s shopping centres. There are quite a few of them in Nantes, but the two most popular are Beaulieu, which isn’t far from the city centre, and Atlantis, which is the largest in the area. Both are pretty impressive and offer a very extensive choice.

If you’d like a few more shopping suggestions, check out the Nantes Tourisme website, which features a selection of lovely stores.

So, all that’s left now is to wish you “bon shopping”!

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