Commandant Malbert’s Quay

Far from the more touristy haunts of Brest’s old town, Quai Malbert’s port where the city’s old seadogs gather to watch the bustle of tatty vessels and gleaming yachts sail in-and-out, is an ideal spot to soak up the real atmosphere of this nautical town. Stroll down the quay to see the shipyards where boats have been built for centuries, catch a glimpse of white-sailed historical schooner La Recouvrance, then wander along to the Jardin de

L’Academie de la Marine, a pine-studded park where you can get some great photos of the city’s port. Finish your stroll along this quay dedicated to French mariner Commandant Malbert, at Vinomania, a trendy wine bar where you can taste some of the best local tipples served with tangy goat’s cheese and olive nibbles.

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