Christmas, when Strasbourg shines!

Strasbourg’s Christmas tree is often talked about. Of course, it lights up Place Kléber and its arrival is eagerly awaited. Even more anticipated are its illuminations. But during this season, the magic of Christmas is to be found all over the area that is the heart of Strasbourg. A safe district without cars, which is dedicated to the festival and traditions, is opening today. As a seasoned resident of Strasbourg, I will tell you more about it.

Firstly, if your hotel is within the city, you can go directly on foot to discover the markets, streets and façades. If you are staying outside the city, take the tram to the city centre, it’s the fastest way to begin your Christmas visit!

Exceptional illuminations

We’ve already advised a city visit by boat! Again, this is highly recommended, in the evening, when darkness falls. As we generally give you all the best programmes, there’s no need to talk again about Carré d’Or  even though its façades are among the most decorative in the city. You’ll find that out when you visit.

Not far from Place Kléber, the Rue du Maroquin leads to the façade of the Restaurant “Le Tire-Bouchon”. It is one of the most photographed in the city, along with the Porcus shop façade.

Don’t miss the chocolate maker Christian, on the corner of the Rue de l’Outre. The façade is as exceptional as their creations.

Captivating façades

Among the most illuminated façades, we commend Galeries Lafayette, with its mauve lights, as well as those in the street Rue de la Mésange, the façade of the newspaper, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace , and the street Rue de la Nuée Bleue…

Between these strolls, you will move from one market to another. Broglie square is vital, as is Place Kléber with its large Christmas tree. Of course you wouldn’t miss the Place de la Cathédrale and Notre Dame for anything in the world… There, you’ll feel the romantic charm of this city.

Two pieces of friendly advice

–      A visit to the Strasbourg Christmas Market website will allow you to plan your stay.

–      Also, don’t miss the Hôtel Beaucour courtyard with its beautiful decorations.

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