Christmas Markets in Catania

During the month of December via Minoriti in Catania transforms into a handmade market with a predominant Christmas theme. This place is now known as being synonymous with Christmas Markets for the Catanese people and anyone lucky enough to visit during what is, without a doubt, the most magical time of the year, Christmas season!

The warmth of this celebration is loved by practically everyone, especially families with children who find a beautiful city-setting here. Artisans and artists become advocates for initiatives that closely resemble the well-known, cherished markets from Northern Europe.

The Christmas Market in via Minoriti is not just any Christmas Market, it is a vast and varied array of emotions, inspiring projects and large doses of creativity. An authentic crossroads of experience and different stories that find their roots in our traditional craft, reinvented and reintroduced as more youthful and somewhat fancier, handmade.

Not only is the Christmas Market in via Minoriti the ideal place for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere, dreaming of those famous markets in Northern Europe for a moment, without actually leaving Sicily, it is also a place of passion, sharing and change. A concrete proposal for the city of Catania, to be able to redevelop an area thanks to art, craftsmanship and creativity.

This market is a promotional opportunity and a redemption for many skilled artisans, associations and those passionate about all things “made by hand”. You can find little treasures here that have a close link to local traditions, but also curiosity and objects that have come from creative contamination with another culture. Cultures from far and wide, such as the Indie Craft, stemming from America, as a response to the economic crisis and then distributed worldwide.

Creative recycling, craftsmanship, doing things by hand, and things that are almost never necessary nowadays, but in making mindful choices, arising from the desire to have greater contact with the object, its history and its true value.

The Christmas Market in via Minoriti is all of this, not just a Christmas Market but incredibly enjoyable, an interesting experience with beautiful inspiration and vibes, accompanying the air of festivity that will surround you.

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