Chilling out in the city

In Venice it’s possible to get around mainly on foot and, in addition to visiting museums and the most famous places, it’s nice to wander in the maze of its streets to discover hidden evocative corners.

After walking up and down the narrow streets and across the little squares of the city labyrinth, these same tourists return to their starting point exhausted and weary.

Recently,some very unwise visitors tried to cool off by diving into the canals and the lagoon waters overlooking the city. This is not only strictly prohibited, but also very dangerous, because there is the risk of being hit by motor boats that don’t expect to find anyone on their path.

So, here is a little tip when it is summer, which I sometimes benefit from myself because I quite often pass by these places. At its end, this itinerary leads to a restful place, where it’s possible to breath some fresh air away.

After the unmissable visit to Piazza S. Marco and its monuments, possibly in the early morning when the heat is still bearable and the crowd of tourists is not yet at its peak, it’s time to venture towards the nearby area of Castello.

Walking along its streets, you go past the Orthodox Church of S. Giorgio dei Greci to the Scuola di S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni where it’s worth stopping to admire the Carpaccio painting series.

Continuing along the narrow streets, heading towards the Campo dell’ Arsenale, symbol of the maritime power of La Serenissima, and then towards Via Garibaldi where you reach the eastern part of the city. Here is where you can immerse yourself in one of the peaceful corners of the city parks.

The gardens and pine grove of S. Elena are places where people take their children to play. Here, mothers or grandparents look after their children and enjoy a friendly chat sitting on the benches in the shade under the huge trees that provide some shelter during all year.

While young mothers push their prams in the shade of the huge trees, exchanging advice on their new born babies’ weaning, others take their four-legged friends for a walk and the old people sit on the benches or stroll around enjoying the fresh air and meeting and chatting with their friends and going for a drink together.

Here, after a long walk, you can find bars and restaurants where you can have a meal, a snack or a drink while planning new places and itineraries for the next days. Or you can continue your exploration of the city by boarding a steamboat, that takes you from here to the city centre or to the Island of Murano.


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