Burano and Its Colours

A stroll around the island whose distinctive feature is colour and, with its multicoloured houses, puts us in a good mood by infusing its visitors with cheerfulness.

In the Venetian Lagoon’s iconography, after St. Mark’s Square a special place of honour definitely goes to the island of Burano.

It is a polychrome; very often seen in the photos of tourist brochures that strikes and astounds visitors’ imaginations.


And so, following the usual tour of the city, an outing to the major islands of the lagoon is a real must to satisfy our curiosity and to admire this palette of colours that offers itself to the visitor with a just as multicoloured landscape rising up out of the lagoon’s waters.

It is an outstanding view if line 14 of the city’s navigation service ACTV is used to reach Burano.

After leaving Venice in the direction of the Lido, the boat ploughs the waters of St. Mark’s basin, offering a view that is always enchanting, even for someone like me who was born and has lived here. Venice and its most famous symbol, St. Mark’s Square, behind us slowly fade from view.


With the Lido behind us and going towards Punta Sabbioni, we pass in front of the San Niccolò church and shortly afterwards, on the left, we reach the massive structure of Sant’Andrea fort, which at one time defended entry into the lagoon.

After navigating through bordering canals, the “sandbanks” (ground at water level, often submerged by the tide, where a wide variety of birds live), we see popping up out of the water Burano’s bell tower, characteristic owing to its tilt. It watches over the island’s colourful houses, which offer themselves up to our eyes like a mirage.

The chief employment for many of the island’s residents is fishing, and long its canals we can watch boats with strange fishing equipment on board. For those who love seafood cuisine, it is a characteristic that demands a stop at one of the many restaurants or ‘trattorias’ that offer a full choice of dishes featuring the lagoon’s catch of fish.

I recommend taking a tour of unusual places in the early light of the morning, when the island has not yet been taken by storm by the multitude of visitors, or at dusk. Both lights fill the sandbanks and canals with an unexpected charm.


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