Sardinia in the autumn is a must-see destination. It is especially appealing to those who love to immerse themselves right in the heart of nature, breathing in the earthy scents and feasting their eyes on the rich, resplendent hues of this most charming, evocative season. During the autumn, the island will gift you the best of itself in all its forms. Discovering Sardinia at this time of year enables you to take in its magnificence in total peace and tranquillity. The sweltering summer heat and crowded beaches give way to a mild climate, stunning natural beauty, a variety of landscapes, thrilling sensations and many new experiences.

This combination of elements makes Sardinia – sometimes referred to as an “open-air gym” due to its many opportunities for practising sports activities in a unique, pristine natural setting – the ideal destination for active tourists. It is the perfect place for those who love interacting with nature, whilst immersed in the maquis scrubland of the Mediterranean, surrounded by Sardinia’s vast array of dense forests and steep slopes. However, it is also perfect for those who seek cultural enrichment during their travels, combining active tourism with history and culture, whose tangible signs are infinite, includingthe Menhir monoliths, Dolmen and Domus de Janas tombs, the sacred wells and the Tomb of the Giants archaeological site, while numerous Nuragic funerary complexes are spread out across every part of the island, taking you back in time.

To round off your experiential trip to Sardinia and make it truly unforgettable, sampling the island’s rich tradition of food and wine is an absolute must. Its character is simple yet self-assured, with unique, authentic flavours that originate from the island’s agricultural and pastoral tradition.

An autumnal break in Sardinia also allows you to discover cultural festivals and events. The most famous is “Autumn in Barbagia” (Autunno in Barbagia), a food and wine event that also involves some 30 villages from inner Sardinia (the Barbagia region). During the period from September to December, these villages take it in turns to open up the courtyards of their houses to the public and accompany visitors on a discovery of the gastronomic and artistic excellence that Sardinia has to offer.

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