Asturias, the paradise you can explore

One of Asturias’ gifts is that it’s paradise for explorers, for anyone itching to discover unknown places, fantastic little corners that bring tranquility and relaxation. Asturian nature is an endless source of new discoveries.

Here’s a brief, but jam-packed, guide to its unmissable spots for a tranquil taste of Asturias’ natural surroundings.

Five scenic views that’ll be a sight for sore eyes

If anything can brighten your day, it’s Asturias’ countryside, which gets even more spectacular when viewed from above, or from a strategic spot offering a panoramic view.

There are hundreds of vantage points across this natural paradise, but here are five of the most unmissable: Mirador del Fito, in Parres, which offers views of the Picos de Europa mountain range, El Cuera and all of the mountains in eastern Asturias, as well as the Cantabrian Sea; Pozo de la Oración in Cabrales, to see the peak known locally as Picu Urriellu; Cabo Busto, in Valdés, to enjoy Asturias’ western coast, which can also be seen from the La Regalina shrine; and Puerto del Connio, where you can see the sprawling Muniellos Forest, in the south west of Asturias.


The Lakes of Covadonga: bringing you closer to heaven

The Lakes of Covadonga are one of those places that have to be seen to be believed. Nestled in the Picos de Europa mountains, surrounded by pastures where farmers and livestock bring the scenery to life, this perfect pair are home to the best cheese on earth: Gamonéu.

With the imposing, iconic peaks of the western Picos de Europa standing guard, at Lake Enol and Lake Ercina, you’ll feel closer to heaven.

Lake Enol

Following the tracks of wild animals

If you’re a fan of wild animals, Asturias’ mountains and forests are the perfect hideout for bears, deer and wolves. And as long as you follow the instructions given by the rangers and nature guides, you can follow their tracks and find out more about their daily lives.

Montaña Central and the nature parks of Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias, Las Ubiñas-La Mesa, Somiedo and Redes are ideal places for getting up close to the flora and fauna that call these biosphere reserves home.

The nature parks of Fuentes del Narcea

Breathe in the heart of the forest

Forests are another unforgettable, healthy space to explore. You’ll find a lot of them in Asturias, but two are particularly iconic and beautiful: Muniellos, in the west, and Peloño, in the east. Both are located in biosphere reserves, and a stroll through them brings an explosion of sound, colour and good vibes.

Two picture-perfect estuaries: El Eo and Villaviciosa

River estuaries are another of Asturias’ charms. And like its forests, two are particularly iconic: the Eo Estuary, the natural border between Asturias and Galicia, and the Villaviciosa Estuary, in central Asturias.

Both possess incredible natural beauty and are spots where you can observe migratory birds, try out some water sports, sail, or simply enjoy the fabulous surroundings.

Villaviciosa river

Waterfalls that will set you free

On any mountain hike, a waterfall is always a motivator, or a fantastic climax. You’ll find them in many parts of Asturias, thanks to its terrain and abundance of water.

Some of them, like the Oneta waterfalls in Villayón, Seimeira in Santa Eulalia de Oscos, Cioyo in Castropol and Xurbeo in Aller, stand out thanks to their beauty, surroundings, height, power, and much more.

Cioyo waterfalls

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