Alghero – Neptune’s Grotto

The town of Alghero is steeped in history and culture, with something to offer all its visitors. Alghero is a great base for a visit to one of the island’s most beautiful attractions: Neptune’s Grotto.

The caves were discovered by a fisherman in the eighteenth century. They are the largest and best-known caves in Sardinia, and are considered to be one of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating natural treasures. The caves are located 24 km from Alghero, on the north-western slope of the Capo Caccia cliffs.

Visitors to the caves can see the following:

– Lake Lamarmora: the lake is around 9m deep, measuring approximately 25m by 100m. It is one of Europe’s largest salt lakes.

– The Hall of the Palace: featuring speleothems ranging from 9m to 18m high.

– The Smith Room or Sala Dell’Organo: named after the English captain who was among the first to explore the caves in the 1800s. At the centre of this room is a tall column known as the Great Organ, whose streams resemble organ pipes. The Cupola is a formation of smooth stalagmites joined to the ceiling.

There are two ways to visit the caves: on foot or by boat.

The first option is for the more adventurous.
You need to reach Capo Caccia and then take the 654 steps of the Escala del Cabirol, located along the cliff edge. It’s the most tiring option but well worth it for the view from Capo Caccia down to the cave.

The second option is by sea, from the port of Alghero or from Porto Conte. This option is definitely the best one for those who want to enjoy a boat ride and visit the coast. Ferries run all year round, and are more frequent in spring and summer.

The total cost of ferry tickets and entry to the cave is 28 euros. The trip lasts around three hours and can be done at different times of day.

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