A stroll around Toulouse’s gardens

Do you know these little oases of green in the city of Toulouse? Whether you’re looking for somewhere delicious, celebratory, exotic, sporty or even educational, they have it all. In any case, they all provide a little greenery for the Pink City’s residents. Let’s take a tour of the gardens.

Compans-Caffarelli garden: musical and globetrotting

The Compans Caffarelli garden has two sides to it. It’s clear as soon as you enter the garden.  Firstly, you’ll see a huge 10-hectare garden for the public, with playgrounds, a pond and a jet of water which leaps up into the blue sky in summer. And it’s in summer that the Siestes Electroniques put on their annual festival. Whether you’re comfortably seated on a picnic rug or dancing around to great DJ sets, you can enjoy the outdoor festival in the sunshine and explore the surroundings. Crossing over the little red bridge, you’ll see the second garden, a Japanese garden with its tea pavilion and oriental plants which immediately transport you to the land of the rising sun. Contrasting with the park’s electronica setting, this garden makes you think of the gardens of Kyoto…

The Jardin de Plantes: deliciously traditional

A former botanical garden, the Jardin de Plantes in Toulouse is part of a group of three gardens (along with the Boulingrin and the Royal Garden), located to the south-east of the city centre. You enter the garden via imposing gates before strolling around on foot. Here and there, you can see marble  statues, cute little kiosks and horses and carriages which offer tours around the garden. You’ll also come across other animals: water fowl, ducks, geese, swans, and even a peacock, in the garden adjoining the Jardin de Plantes and belonging to the Natural History Museum. This also has a lovely restaurant called le Moai where you can enjoy fresh, seasonal dishes in the shade of the trees.

Museum gardens: artistic and educational

Nope, the Museum gardens aren’t found right next to the Museum! In fact, they’re in Borderouge, on the other side of the city! But they’re worth the trip: in the heart of the new residential area, they offer a breath of fresh air! It’s a garden filled with scents, colours and flavours from all over the world, which you can explore with guided tours. You can also attend workshops on discovering nature, gardening and cooking with chefs. It sometimes hosts artistic events for exhibitions or concerts.

Prairie des Filtres: a spot for sport and dancing

The last stop on your bucolic tour: Prairie des Filtres. On the left bank of the Garonne, this garden is popular with Toulouse residents as soon as the sun comes out. You can enjoy a picnic with friends, a game of pétanque and even dance the salsa. You can juggle there. You can even have a go at water-skiing. In June, Prairie des Filtres heats up with Rio Loco, the largest music festival in the Toulouse area. In summer, the garden is transformed to welcome Toulouse Plage (Toulouse City Beach) with its deckchairs and sporting events.

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