A romantic getaway to Strasbourg

It began as a joke, but the European capital of Strasbourg has gradually become the Valentine’s Day capital. All thanks to a marketing operation which has created this now well-established tradition. Strasbourg, mon amour: from 10th-19th February! Start getting ready for your visit and ask for the programme.

  • Strasbourg is for lovers!

    Initially, the aim was to link Strasbourg with romanticism! Easy! Particularly knowing all that we do about the city’s history and monuments. The most cultivated among us will think of Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet, Honoré de Balzac and Eve Hanska, Goethe and Frédérique Brion… they were all in love in Strasbourg.  And now… you’ll be there!

    The crazy aim of this 5th edition? Celebrating lovers. Celebratory evening events, one-on-one gastronomic ecstasies, pop-up installations under the stars, exclusive concerts and original, unusual visits are all on the programme. Strasbourg is for lovers!

    We’ve checked out the programme for you and picked out the best places and events!

    –  The Magic Mirror, Café Des Amours, Place Kléber: an amazing, lively café… From 10am until 10pm from Saturday 11th February (except evening events) – free admission (except specified evenings events).

    –  Le Pont des Soupirs by Batorama. Rendez-vous at the panoramic terrace overlooking the Vauban dam – 18th February from 6pm until 1am. A unique view of Strasbourg, a pop-up bar, love letter writing and views of the towers of the Covered Bridges.

    –  The Slow Party at the Café Des Amours – 18th February from 8pm until 2am Slow dances, nothing but slow dances…

    –  The gastronomic dinner by Les Étoiles d’Alsace in the legendary Place Broglie – 16th February at 8pm Les Etoiles d’Alsace will create a deliciously sophisticated menu for the occasion on the theme of “Tout feu, tout femme” (“Every Fire, Every Female”) – more information from the tourist office.

    Celebrating lovers

    There are plenty of other events from the organisers:

    –          A concert of romantic music by the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra – 10th February at 8pm Berlioz’s sensitive romanticism, Grieg’s audacious romanticism, Schumann’s passionate romanticism.

    –          A moonlit swim at the Wacken Nordic pool – 16th February from 9pm until midnight. An unusual event at the Wacken Nordic pool: a night-time swim with music from a DJ.

    As you can tell, it’s an ideal time to discover the city! There are other events to enjoy once you’re here, too… You’ll love walking along the banks of the Ill river towards the Petite France neighbourhood of Strasbourg.

    Not to be outdone, the city’s restaurants, or at least some of them, will have new menus for you to enjoy with the one you love…

    Strasbourg, mon amour! It’s a European destination for the beginning of the year! Don’t forget a night-time stroll between the Cathedral and Petite France… an unmissable occasion to enjoy European romanticism.

    Start getting ready for your visit:

    Strasbourg mon amour, the website

    Strasbourg’s tourist office

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