A Monkey Mountain at the heart of Alsace

It is difficult to imagine a monkey mountain in Alsace. Perhaps because you’re more likely to visit châteaux and villages filled with half-timbered houses. In Kintzheim, both are possible. It’s a must-take trip.

Just after leaving the village, its terraces, its restaurant, the “Emperor of the Tarte Flambée”, the Auberge Saint Martin, you climb through the forest. Head for the Montagne des Singes.

The Montagne des Singes is firstly an animal park created in 1969. Unique in Alsace, you can discover 200 Barbary Macaques roaming freely in a natural environment, right at the foot of the Haut-Koenigsbourg Château.

You’ll soon understand how useful the park is. First, it gives you an opportunity to discover an endangered species. And it also helps to preserve the species by supporting births and sponsoring operations in defence of “Magots” in their natural environment.

The exploration can begin. A few pieces of popcorn in your hand and you can step through the gate. The first monkeys allow themselves to be observed as they rest in the sun. Open your hand, place a piece of pop-corn in it and one of them will happily come and help themself.

The park’s sense of calm and the serenity of the forest encourages discovery. Far away, the younger ones have fun and play. iPhones and cameras do the rest and let you to capture amazing encounters.

You’ll never get as close to these animals. Here, they roam almost completely freely, so take the time to take great shots.

Here you can observe the new little arrivals of the year! The expression “to monkey around” takes on its full meaning as you see them calling out, playing and going from branch to branch.

The popcorn is handed out. “Feeding” time also comes around! Here, you can listen to specialists as they share their knowledge on an endangered species. The purpose of the Montagnes des Singes is also to enlighten and raise awareness.

You’ll be immersed in the subject and you’ll never see them in the same way again. Your children can play and laugh.

You, like us, can really enjoy all of these moments. At any instant you might just doubt… who’s actually observing who? The monkeys or the visitors? It’s up to you to decide.

What’s certain is that you’ll learn about them, as they also teach us something about us.

The Montagne des Singes

F-67600 Kintzheim




Practical information

: The park is open every day from 25th March to 5th November then on the 11th and 12th November 2017.

March, April, October, November: 10am-12pm / 1pm-5pm*

May, June, September: 10am-12pm / 1pm-6pm*
July and August: 10am-6pm

On Sundays and holidays, the park remains open from 12pm to 1pm (or 10am-5pm or 10am-6pm non-stop)

The ticket office closes 1/2 hour before the park closes.

  • The park is prohibited to pets.
  • The pop-corn offered to you at the entrance is the only food allowed in the park.

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