4 creperies to try in Nantes

One of Nantes’ culinary specialities is the famous crêpe bretonne. These pancakes can be made sweet using normal wheat or savoury using  buckwheat. The buckwheat version is called a galette. Because it would be most unwise to visit Nantes without enjoying a good galette, I’m going to tell you a few places where you can try them.

When you walk through the streets of Nantes, it quickly becomes clear just how  many  creperies there are, especially in the Bouffay area. They are part of  the  urban landscape and, as  crepes are The Breton speciality, a nice reminder that the city used to be part of Brittany.

Everyone has their own favourite creperies but I’m going to share  some of those I enjoy going to  for a delicious galette.

Grand-mère Augustine for the ambience and price

Grand-mère Augustine is famous for its value for money with €8 lunchtime menus including everything you might want from a creperie meal: a savoury crepe, a sweet crepe and a cup of cider. The portions are generous and the creperie has a nice atmosphere with its stone wall where visitors enjoy inserting money into the ridges. There is always a warm welcome on offer too. This creperie is a real classic and a safe bet.

Grand-Mère Augustine – 4 Rue de la Juiverie, 44000 Nantes

Le Loup, le renard et la galette for original recipes

This is one of my most recent discoveries  and I loved it straight away. The food is delicious with big portions and original recipes. It’s a good place to try if you normally eat galettes but want to change things up a little!

Another thing I like about this creperie is the  Scandinavian decor which, in a nod to its name (which translates as “The Hare, the Fox and the Galette”),  features the characters  from the tale. This is perhaps not to everybody’s  taste , but I enjoyed it.

Le loup, le renard et la galette – 19 rue de la juiverie, 44000 Nantes

Le Coin des crêpes: the organic creperie

Le Coin des crêpes is a great creperie near the Cours des 50-Otages, one of Nantes’ main roads. It stands out for its organic, local and high-quality produce. This is of course used in the crepes but is also available to buy if you want to  take  a little bit of Brittany away with you (jams, apple juice, etc.). The ground floor with its  old school ambience is also worth a visit in and of itself.

Le Coin des crêpes – 2 rue Armand Brossard, 44000 Nantes

Ker Juliette: Breton fast food

Ker Juliette has a non-traditional creperie concept which may  be just the thing if you need to eat on the go or urgently require a galette. Ker Juliette is somewhere between a fast food outlet and a creperie, offering quick lunches at low prices. At lunchtime  there’s no table service – instead you are served at the counter, fast-food style. Apart from that it’s a conventional creperie.

Ker Juliette – 4 Place de la Bourse, 44000 Nantes

I’ll finish t his article with a little  piece of advice. I think creperies should be judged on their plain sugar and butter crepes. This is one of the most traditional sweet crepe recipes. You can really taste the crepe itself and the slightly salted butter is also absolutely delicious!

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