Archeology Catania

Tour of the beauties of underground Catania

Underground Catania is the result of historic stratification, not uncommon in Italy, where the modern city was built on top of older Roman and medieval buildings and is partially still standing to be admired.

Art Zaragoza


Walls, abandoned plots, buildings and parks have become canvases for hundreds of Spanish and international artists who, since 2005, have been turning Zaragoza’s streets into a giant open-air gallery that’s unique in Europe

Museum Bordeaux

Bordeaux refurbishes its museums

In just a few days, Bordeaux has boosted its range of museums with the reopening of the Museum of Bordeaux and new rooms at the Museum of Aquitaine. The two initiatives give visitors a better understanding of Bordeaux, its history and its environment.

Art Malta

Malta on the silver screen

It’s probably safe to say that at some point you’ll have seen a film shot in Malta without even realizing it. Although the island is rarely credited, its medieval fortresses and turquoise waters have appeared in multiple feature films.

Music Genoa

A visit of Genoa … in music

We invite you to discover the city of Genoa through its greatest artists and its most famous songs. Are you ready for a musical ride? Put on your headphones and let yourself be guided!

Open Air Bordeaux

Bordeaux Celebrates the River and Liberté

The Bordeaux River Festival has become a date that’s hotly-anticipated by the inhabitants of Bordeaux every two years. Huge sailing boats, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, gastronomic breaks and fireworks are sure to pull in the crowds.

Eating Asturias

The best dishes for a taste of Asturias

Every bit of Asturias is tasty. Every corner, street and landscape, whether rural or urban, of Spain’s greenest region offers you an incomparable dish, recipe or ingredient, putting on an excellent spread for you to enjoy.

Museum Nantes

Nantes museums and the surrounding areas

If you are looking for something to do in Nantes during winter, the cold days or when it’s raining, I’ve got something for you: what would you say to a little tour around one of the Nantes region’s museums?

Culture Catania

The Carnivals of Acireale and Misterbianco

When you think of Carnival you probably think of the one in Rio de Janeiro or, a little closer to home, Venice or Viareggio. But Catania too has plenty to offer during this season of fun and frolicking.