Sounds and colors in Venice

January 25, 2017

Each season in Venice offers surprises. Some you can encounter whilst wandering through the “calli” (Venetian alleys) and discovering unusual […]

Brands in Bordeaux

November 22, 2017

Local products aren’t just limited to craft products; in Bordeaux and Aquitaine you can find brands which are very successful and are now exported all over the place.


February 26, 2018

Where there are traces of the ancient Roman Empire along the banks of the lagoon, just a few kilometres from Venice.

The Lido off-season

January 25, 2017

The Lido Island Reserve is known for its beaches and hosting the Venice Film Festival. But, even in the off-season, […]

Spotlight on watersports

August 31, 2017

Love the thrills and spills of being on the water? Go canoeing on the River Ariège, wakeboarding on Lake Sesquières, boating on the Canal du Midi or water-skiing on the River Garonne!



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