Venice is also a port

December 19, 2017

The quintessential city on the water, world-renowned for this distinctive feature, became such because for centuries this very water enabled a prosperous maritime trade with the Middle and Far East…

A trip on the Lagoon

January 25, 2017

The Venetian Lagoon divides up into two parts, the Northern and Southern Lagoon. Both areas are dotted with islands, large […]


August 30, 2018

Find yourself in the countryside, in the middle of a lagoon, on an island where prestigious agricultural products have led to it being named “the garden of Venice”.

A taste of Bordeaux past and present

September 03, 2018

Two gourmet venues have just opened up in Bordeaux offering a mix of traditional and more contemporary produce: the Echoppe de la Lune and the Halles de Bacalan. While housing vintage products that have retained their powers of seduction over time, they also take an updated approach in a setting that caters to modern-day tastes.

Palermo from above

January 27, 2017

Palermo, seen from above, offers a vantage point from which to best admire its many aesthetic possibilities and makes for […]

Brands in Bordeaux

November 22, 2017

Local products aren’t just limited to craft products; in Bordeaux and Aquitaine you can find brands which are very successful and are now exported all over the place.



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