February 26, 2018

Where there are traces of the ancient Roman Empire along the banks of the lagoon, just a few kilometres from Venice.

Nantes Carnival

February 13, 2018

The Nantes Carnival takes place every year between the end of March and the start of April. For three days, […]

Strasbourg, my love!

February 01, 2018

Strasbourg is the capital. We knew it in the case of Europe, we know it at Christmas, and now we’re discovering it with Valentine’s Day.

The city of Love

January 29, 2018

Verona is reknown throughout the world as the “City of Love” because of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Yet Shakespeare’s tale is not the only one about tragic love set in the city.

La Cigale, Art Nouveau brasserie and a true institution in Nantes

January 16, 2018

La Cigale is one of the most iconic restaurants in Nantes. Even if you’re only passing through town, it is a place worth stopping by for a few minutes. While the menu is certainly enticing and the service is always friendly, it is above all the décor that has made the place so renowned. Even after many years in Nantes, every time I visit La Cigale, I am enchanted by its the beauty.

Discovering Toulouse’s street art

January 15, 2018

When it comes to street art, Toulouse is one of the pioneering cities in France. Graffiti, vandal tags, monumental works: they colour walls and neighbourhoods, and nowadays are becoming a tourist attraction.



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