It’s more than 2000 years of history reveals true treasures. Valencia, one of the most seducing corners of the Mediterranean, combines the past and the future in harmony. No need to go further than its architecture: from its Roman foundation to the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia offers a passionate cultural journey. With its lively streets, its renowned gastronomy, its intense nightlife to its long beaches covered with soft sand, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Spain. Known to the world as the birthplace of the Paella, it has a never-ending stream of bars and restaurants where one can enjoy its tasty gastronomy. It is also the home to important local traditional events such as Las Fallas (amazing handmade structures that are set on fire) or La Tomatina (tomato throwing at its finest). And, as if that was not enough, its weather is one of the best in Europe. www.visitvalencia.com/en

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